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A community coming together to help one of our own
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19th-Dec-2010 11:16 am - Another sale...
Hey gang,
In an effort to raise money and also decrease the amount of stuff around here, I'm going to put some more stuff up for sale. Some of my custom made things, some antiques I've collected (yummy mink capelet in excellent condition; stunning 40's vintage sequined black jacket in exquisite condition that I wore last night) and a couple of my crowns.

What I need it help photographing the stuff; I have a decent camera but I suck at actually getting it done. Then too, it's hard to photograph yourself wearing stuff. So I figure if I ask help from somebody that it might actually get done. It wouldn't hurt to have somebody else model some of this stuff either, for instance, that sequined jacket is actually made for someone taller than I am (I know, shocking though, right?)

So, ideas or offers?

20th-Oct-2010 12:45 pm - Apple Butter!
Ok gang, concern over having enough money for rent and utilities plus needed car work has me thinking of creative ways to make some quick (as in, within the next week) cash.

Some of you have tried my home-made apple butter and have raved over the cinamonny-clovey-tart-sweet goodness. There are NO preservatives in my apple butter, btw. It is packaged in glass canning jars with the double metal lids and fully preserved via the recommended water-bath canning process.

Apples are seasonal and reasonably inexpensive; I already have on hand the sugar and Penzey's spices to I could make cup a couple batches of the nummy stuff pretty quickly, as in, this weekend. I would, of course, need to charge for shipping and would package the jars very carefully; I have a metric butt-ton of bubble wrap. Of course, if you're local and order some, you can save on the shipping and we can make arrangements to deliver the apple butter.

So tell me what you think, please. Are you interested? Would you order some apple butter? Should I make one batch of it diabetic friendly? So here's a poll....

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I figure that it costs me about $1.50 per pint just to make it, including my time. If I get 5 or 6 orders, that makes it worthwhile for me to make at least one batch.

I would also consider doing the same thing with my banana zucchini chocolate chip bread and/or my pumpkin bread, if there is sufficient interest.

And please feel free to pass this along...
15th-Jul-2010 01:31 am - Posting...
Making sure this group stays active due to notice in LJ news.

Thanks everybody, for helping to keep this going.
13th-Jul-2010 12:11 pm - Stuff that needs to be sold
I don't have pictures of this stuff (must find the camera instruction book so I know now to download pics) but I'll find them and add if needed.

We'll go about this the usual way; I'll list them by number and item. If you want to purchase something, comment with the number and item and then payment can be made to my PayPal which is rowangolightly (at) gmail (dot) com. I must add postage if the item needs to be shipped to you, via USPS.

(Thanks in advance; I not only need to be rid of this stuff but I need to make some cash from it; if it's stuff you need, this benefits us both.)

1. Photo album & Scrap-booking supplies - American Crafts Cloth Album 12" x 12" (pristine, unopened) Color, light green. Price as marked: $19.95 (this was to become the QG photo album)
Included: 1 pkg "Design-ables" self-stick clear matte paper, 5 - 8-1/2" x 11" Price as marked: $6.99
2 pkgs American Craft Page protectors, 12"x12", Price as marked: $4.99 @
Design Papers: (6 pcs.) My Mind's Eye, Bohemia, Textured Green, item #BH1014B, $.18 @
(6 pcs.) Paper Studio, Light Blue Solid, 811-HGL-P77, $.30@
(3 pcs.) Paper Studio, Country Teal, 811-OTF-P14m $.30@
Price for all: $30.00

2. Elite maxi-matic non-stick Sandwich Maker: Used once, pristine condition. http://www.maxi-matic.com/product.php?productid=162&cat=55&page=1 Price: $5.00 RESERVED

3. Candy/cookie molds: 1 Heart-shaped silicone mold, 1 Star-shaped mold, 12 pcs to each. (can't seem to find an image of them)
2 plastic Claddagh candy molds, http://www.customchocolateshop.com/112incl.html
Price: $5.00

4. Black & Decker Handy Steamer: older model, never been used. (Can't find image on Amazon although there are manuals offered for it) Similar to this: http://www.amazon.com/Handy-Steamer-Food-Rice-Cooker/dp/B001DDEC9I/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=miscellaneous&qid=1279037121&sr=8-2-catcorr but has an additional plastic ring above the element and an additional clear bowl inside the steamer.
Price: $15.00
RESERVED for celticwhistlin

5. Assorted metal decorative cookie tins:, various sizes and shapes, not all Christmas-themed. All used but in very good condition.
Price: $5.00 obo - I just want them gone and don't want to throw them away.

6. 4 Heart-shaped Wilton cake pans: 1- 13"x13" (lightly used), 2- 9"x9", 1 6"x6" (pristine)
Price: $15.00

7. 27 Christmas cards: classic, old-fashioned looking, non-religious "Merry Christmas" cards of 3 varieties; teddy bear Santa, Santa climbing into chimney w/envelopes. Plus 15 5"x7" white envelopes. Pristine condition
Price: $5.00

8. American Greetings Corp Forget-me-not Childrens Birthday party invitations: (Destination: Birthday Party, dinosaur in rocket theme) pkg of 8 w/ envelopes, unopened
Price: $2.00

9. Invitation envelopes:: Approx. 40, Cream-colored, 4"x5-1/2", pristine condition
Price: $2.00

10. Banana holder: 2-piece, white plastic stand to hold a bunch of bananas. Durned if I can find a picture of it, think it came from Wal-Nut.
Price: $5.00
RESERVED for celticwhistlin

11.Oneida Webster Wilcox silver tea and coffee set: Includes tea pot, coffee pot, cream and sugar; silver plated (these are antiques and hate to lose them but no room and no room to store.
Price: $100.00
Keeping it 'cause Mort found a place for me to stash it; on top of my bookshelf. yay!

12. Samsonite Silhouette Luggage: 13"x18" hard side with hard center divider that latches. Belonged to my father; in excellent condition. In one side, it still has 2 rechargeable electric razors, 1 Schick & 1 Sunbeam which I will sell separately if anyone's interested.
Definitely antiques, not sure of the value. (These might end up going on my Etsy shop.)
Price: $25.00

13. Pedestal Cake stand with dome Lid: Cut glass bottom surface of cake stand, plain pedestal, plain domed lid
Price: $35.00

I'm sure there's more, as I unearth more. Some will go to the community yard sale at starwyse place on July 22-24th. Some antiques, books, costumes will go up on my Etsy shop soon as I can get the stuff photographed and up there.
25th-Jan-2010 09:01 pm - More magazines for sale....
Some rare-ish ones this time:

Mother Earth News
No. 47 - Sep/Oct 1977
No. 48 - Nov/Dec 1977
No. 49 - Jan/Feb 1978
No. 50 - Mar/Apr 1978
No. 51 - May/Jun 1978
No. 52 - Jul/Aug 1978
No. 55 - Jan/Feb 1979
No. 66 - Nov/Dec 1980
No. 67 - Jan/Feb 1981
No. 68 - Mar/Apr 1981
No. 69 - May/Jun 1981
No. 70 - Jul/Aug 1981
No. 71 - Sep/Oct 1981
No. 72 - Nov/Dec 1981
No. 73 - Jan/Feb 1972
No. 110 - Mar/Apr 1988
No. 202 - Feb/Mar 2004
No. 203 - Apr/May 2004
No. 204 - Jun/Jul 2004
No. 205 - Aug/Sep 2004
No. 206 - Oct/Nov 2004

I'm thinking that $2/apiece sounds fair, or some sort of a deal on the whole thing.

Again, I'd like to keep these but not enough room in storage.

And please, if I have to ship them, I'll need to charge postage but I expect aoifemacewen may be willing/able to help with that when she gets back from her well-earned vacation.
24th-Jan-2010 03:32 pm - Cooking magazines.
Cooking Magazines for sale:

Bidding starting at $5.99 (total, not each), shipping costs to be added.

Food and Wine, Jan. - Dec. 2005
Food and Wine, Jan. 2006
(missing Feb and April)
Food and Wine, March 2006
Food and Wine, May - Dec. 2006
Food and Wine, Jan. 2007
Food and Wine, Feb. 2007
Food and Wine, April 2007

I yet may have more; I've just started halfway through on the cookbook cabinet. Gods help me!

Please note that while I'd love to keep these, I simply haven't the space. If I can get at least my subscription's worth out of them, I'd like to. And I can't afford to ship them; somebody out of town wants them, they'll have to pay shipping.

More to follow.
7th-Dec-2009 05:05 pm - Bump! Faux Finish Painting
Posting a bump on the faux finish painting job, here: http://community.livejournal.com/rescue_rowan/11328.html

If anyone is waiting on this for me to move to Kansas City, that's cool, but for folk in Oklahoma, this would be a great deal for someone BEFORE I move, sometime in January! If it's anywhere within 100 miles of the Tulsa, there will be no additional costs.

Again, it doesn't have to be the same as in the pictures, we can do whatever you want to your room. Use your imagination (or mine!) to re-do a room of your house; paint can be done to look like wall-paper but it's prettier and longer-lasting!

As a reminder, this is what one of the jobs looks like, to be specific, our guest bathroom:

No ending date on this auction...yet!
Hi. I am Batshua. I do tarot readings. People tell me I'm rather good for someone of my age and with my experience level.

If you make a donation of at least $15 to the cause, I will give you one tarot reading. If you make a donation of at least $25 to the cause, I will give you two tarot readings. For at least $50, I'll give you five.

If you make some donation larger than $50 with the express purpose of also reaping the benefits of a tarot reading or few, I'll ... figure out some reasonable way to scale it.

For any donation over $25, I will also send you a record of your reading by email consisting of both a cleaned-up log of the reading and images of the cards to help you mull over the reading further as needed.

I do readings over IM and email. IM is highly preferred, as I feel this gives a greater connection between the reader and the querent, but email is not a problem. I could even be persuaded to use Skype, Yahoo, or Mebeam if you wanted live video readings. That's not quite as exciting as it sounds, but some people enjoy it.

I do what I call "guaranteed readings" -- I guarantee that you will be happy with your reading or it won't count. If the reading doesn't make any sense to you, I'll do it over, try another deck, another day, until you're satisfied that you've gained insight and can make use of the reading.

A "guaranteed reading" does NOT guarantee that what I read will come to pass -- the future isn't set in stone, I only read short-term stuff, and the whole point of tarot (at least, the way I do it) is to help you get insight so you can exercise your free will and thereby influence your future by the choices you make.

Leave a comment with how much you're donating and/or how many readings you'd like, and we'll start making the proper arrangements.

To clarify, this is not an auction. I will do as many readings as people are willing to pay for.
4th-Dec-2009 06:52 pm - Auction: Custom Fragrance Oil
"Pygmalion and Galatea"
This auction is for one custom-blended fragrance oil from the up-and-coming Underhill Alchemy fragrance company.

We'll talk about your likes and dislikes and preferences (and allergies), and I'll send you a few sample bottles so you can try out some different blends and see which one you like best. This one will be YOUR EXCLUSIVE SCENT. You get to name it. You will receive a bottle of this blend of essential and high-end fragrance oils. It can be used directly on the skin as a potent perfume, mixed with a carrier oil for massage oil or anointing oil, sprinkled on potpourri, warmed in a tealight oil burner, added to the bath, added to soaps or candles or lip balm or WHATEVER you want to do with it.

Nobody else will be able to buy this particular blend -- it will be yours and yours alone: an extremely limited edition! I'll keep the recipe on file in case you want to order more (or give you the recipe if you want to be all DIY).

(If you're familiar with Black Phoenix Alchemy Company, this would be similar.)

Let's start the bidding at $20.

Auction ends on December 30 at noon Central time.


Auction closed! The winner is naamah_darling!
3rd-Dec-2009 02:44 pm - *bump*
That wood and bone bed ankh necklace I listed is ending at 11:59 PM on Saturday, December 5! Bidding is currently at seven bucks--I'm covering shipping, so you have more room to bid! Go on, check it out!
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